Our core values are the beliefs that we hold dear. They are at the heart of every decision we make. Clients, employees, technology, services and strategic plans all change, but our core values do not.

  • Obsession with commitments includes concepts such as integrity, responsibility, truth and duty. SGI employees are obsessed with making and keeping commitments to both our clients and each other. It is why we are considered trustworthy.
  • Passion for process efficiency includes concepts such as order, growth, creativity and curiosity. We are passionate about creating the maximum amount of value with the lowest required investment. It is why we are profitable.
  • Fanatic attention to detail includes concepts such as discipline, security, authenticity and organization. We are fanatical about planning, organizing, measuring and documenting everything that we do. It is why we are able to fulfill our commitments and provide information necessary for process improvement.
  • Enthusiasm for people includes concepts such as respect, friendship, charity, compassion, generosity and joy. SGI employees are enthusiastic about establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. It is why we have fun at work.