At SGI, we consider the economic, social and environmental impact of every action we take. Overlapping the three dimensions creates a clear picture by which we categorize the consequences of potential actions. While improving all dimensions is optimal, positive outcomes in two of the three dimensions are often excellent opportunities as well.

Energy Efficiency

An $180,000 investment in more energy-efficient lighting fixtures throughout our facility annually eliminates pollutants equivalent to the removal of 150 automobiles from the road and saves SGI $70,000 in energy and maintenance each year.

Paperless Processes

A transition from paper to electronic material handling processes using radio frequency technology significantly reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating paper, ink and printers from the process and saved our clients money by reducing material obsolescence.

Commitment to Community

SGI's support of College Mentors for Kids encourages high-risk 1st-8th graders to stay committed to pursuing higher education. While the immediate social and long-term economic benefits are primary, College Mentors also reduces pollution and gas consumption by hosting the children on the college campus.

Employee Commitment

SGI employees are actively involved in environmental, wellness and safety initiatives. Recycling bins are accessible in all areas, information and programs on healthy lifestyles are abundant, and designated "no meeting" hours are respected. Our Sustainability Committee works as a think tank and a voice for employees to offer suggestions on new initiatives, while providing an opportunity for employees to participate in activities about which they are passionate.

SGI is proud of our employees for actively embracing these and other initiatives to preserve the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.