ISO Certified – Fulfillment Certified – Data Integrity

Operating within requirements set forth by the FDA, SEC, HIPAA and other government regulatory agencies is a must for our clients.

SGI is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is one of only a handful of companies accredited by the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association. We rigorously employ ISO processes setting industry standards in dock-to-stock time, inventory accuracy, order turnaround and order accuracy.

We also understand the importance of protecting all client data. We have security measures in place that offer three-fold protection. Our monitored facility has an internal key locked data center with FM-200 fire suppression. We ensure business continuity through power backups, data redundancy storage methods and virtual server technology. Finally, we ensure digital encryption through numerous security protocols.

SGI Quality Policy

  1. We understand our clients.
  2. The SGI team has a comprehensive understanding of our clients' objectives, initiatives, work processes and the key performance indices (KPIs) to which we are committed. We understand how each of our services creates value for our client as well as the cost of failure.

  3. We perform to our clients' expectations.
  4. We are easy for our clients to work with.